Ice Bomb (AAAA)- 14g Top Shelf Quality Tuna Cans


Ice Bomb (AAAA)- 14g Top Shelf Quality Tuna Cans

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Ice Bomb is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a potent three-way cross of Vanilla Kush X White Rhino X Bomb #1. This powerhouse bud packs a THC and a myriad of indica heavy effects that are perfect for the night. The Ice Bomb high starts with an immediate cerebral rush that leaves you feeling uplifted yet calm in a state of hazy bliss that numbs your mind and body. As this full body high builds and builds, you’ll fall into a heavy stone that leaves you hopelessly immovable for hours on end. Because of these heavy narcotic effects, Ice Bomb is often chosen by patients who suffer from conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, chronic stress or anxiety, and tension or muscle spasms. Ice Bomb buds have a sweet creamy flavor with rich hints of chocolate and vanilla and a super smooth exhale.

Trim 10 Smell 10 Density 10


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